IMPORTANT NOTE:  Intuitive Energy Work, Trigger Tech Release, and alternative medicine, including all modalities, is not to be used as a substitute for medical treatment.  Any person experiencing injury, illness or disease whether physical, mental or emotional is urged to seek medical attention. Get approval from your Doctor before beginning any exercise program.

  Hi  there!

I am Lori Hamilton, founder and owner of Fitness by Lori and creator of the Trigger Tech Release methodology.

My programs are designed to bring awareness in Health and Nutrition along with instilling wellness as a lifestyle.

My education was completed at Sunny Cortland, with a major in Therapeutic Recreation and a minor in Child Psychology.  As a Fitness instructor for 27 plus years,  I educate about the importance of being active and eating healthy.

      My goal is to instill, in adults and children, the foundational structure for a healthy and active lifestyle.  I have taught as a 1 on 1 special Ed Instructional Aide and TK -  8th Grade PE  teacher.  For the last 30 years, I have run weight-loss boot camps, instructed adults and professional athletes in exercise and nutrition.  My latest endeavor is the Trigger Tech Release program. This has been the most rewarding gift of all. 

      The Trigger Tech Release program is designed to give clients relief from pain and to support their optimal physical performance.  


Lori Hamilton

Thank you for a great Trigger Tech Release session, Lori! Not only am I feeling relief from tension in my body, I also have a real sense of peace and inner calm. — RB

OMG Lori, I am so grateful for your assistance in getting me ready for the half marathon (13.1 mile run). I was able to beat my best time and finish in under 2 hours! — TL

Fitness. Wellness. Mindfulness.

Your specific program will be designed to meet your unique requirements. This can include Pre and Post Body Fat Testing and Body Measurements, an exercise and nutrition plan, and lots of care. Strength training supports body function and boosts metabolism. At Fitness by Lori, activities consist of energetic moves including Yoga and Pilates for a complete training regimen to get all areas of your body and mind working together. Get a specially designed calorie-calculated meal plan to support your nutritional needs and assist healthy eating habits. Fuel for peak performance. Create habits so you start your day with a bit of meditation and reflection or prayer along with movement (if possible, take a walk in the beautiful outdoors). Get the body's furnace going to help you burn calories and transform body fat. 

So come on! Jump in! Let's Get Started!  — Lori

Lori Hamilton-Smith ​works with athletes to ensure optimal performance. From personal training for strength, endurance, flexibility, and fitness to nutrition and rest, Lori assists peak preparation for thriving on the field or in the arena—whatever you do. Her work with Motocross athletes resulted in many award winning triumphs.


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